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ECO 231W

Undergraduate Econometrics

Upload homework 1

See details about the submission of this assignment in the announcements page.

ATTENTION!!!: To submit your file, fill out the information below carefully, click "Select File" to select your homework file (1 file!), and then click "Upload." When you submit your homework correctly you will see that your file on the window below will become green, and it will say that your homework was submitted successfully. We will then receive your file and an auxiliary file with information about your upload time, IP address, location, etc. These files are automatically sent to two separate locations for protection. If you submit correctly there is no way that we will lose your files, or that the upload time we receive will be incorrect. I will not accept excuses like "I thought I had uploaded correctly!" so be careful that you do things the right way.

You will need to authenticate with Dropbox to finish the stack configuration.

Click here to finish stack setup

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