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ECO 231W

Undergraduate Econometrics

Contact the TAs

The TA e-mails are listed below. Before you e-mail the TAs, make sure that

1. your question is not answered in the
FAQ page.

2. your question is not already posted in the

If your question is of interest to other students, the TA will ask you to post it in the
forum. You can save time by posting your question there directly. Since more TAs will see it, you will probably receive an answer faster than if you had e-mailed one particular TA. Also, you may not know who is the most qualified TA to answer your question, and e-mailing all of them is just bad behavior. If you post it in the forum instead, the TAs qualified to answer will be the ones answering your post.

If your question is of a private nature, then choose the TA you would like to e-mail from the list below. If you decide to e-mail more than one TA, e-mail them jointly, and make it clear in your message. This way they will know about who is attempting to solve your problem, and how it is progressing.


To email the TAs, click on their names

Undergraduate TAs

Undergrad TAs should be your main resource. They have been through my course, so they know my style. They know the material, since they were all very successful in the course. These are the same TAs holding the forum Live Help Events.

Material TA

These TAs specialize in the course material, although they can help with anything related to the course. They come to classes and take notes, so if you missed class you can come to their office hours to fill the gaps.

Augusto Fernandez
Corey Chang
Shenxiong Li

Stata TAs

These TAs specialize in Stata, although they can help with anything related with the course. They teach the Stata recitations and should be your main resource for Stata and homework questions.

Benjamin Hsu
Bonga Khoza
Genesis Landestoy

Graduate TAs

The grad TAs provide support for several activities in this course. Most of their roles are related to the preparation of this course, so they don’t often deal directly with students. You can learn some of their roles here, but I recommend that you contact the undergrad TAs first if you have questions.

Student support TA:
Holds regular office hours and oversees the forum activities. He also grades the paper questions in the exams.
Andrew Owens

Exam TA:
Grades the material questions in the midterms and final. She also grades the essay question in the final.
Viviane Sanfelice

Homework TA:
Grades the homeworks
Alexis Orellana

Project TA:
Grades the project
Hao Teng