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ECO 231W

Undergraduate Econometrics

ECO 231W Calendar

How to use the calendar app

  1. Always check the calendar before going to any office hours. Though changes are rare, and will be posted in the announcements page, you should make sure.
  2. If the location of an event appears TBA (to be announced), it means that the room is not assigned yet. Check back closer to the date. If it is already close to the date and the location still remains TBA, I may have forgotten to update the calendar, so please ask about it in the forum.
  3. Though I include the CETL study group information in the calendar, I am not responsible for this resource. Hence, if any change to the study group is not communicated to me, it will not be reflected in the calendar.

Using the calendar

  1. To view a list of future events, select the types of events you wish to see in the down arrow at the upper right corner of the calendar, then click in the "Agenda" view.
  2. Events can be downloaded to your Google Calendar. Just click the "copy to my calendar" option in the event details.


You can subscribe to each event type individually using any calendar application that accepts .ics files. The subscription addresses for each of the calendars are below. Specific instructions for iCal and Google Calendar follow.
  1. Subscribe with iCal: in iCal, go to Calendar>>Subscribe, and enter the URL below. Observe that if you simply click the URL below, you will download all the current events, but the future changes made to these calendars will not be reflected in your private calendar. To insure that your calendar is up-to-date you must subscribe. Side note: though simply downloading the current events will not reflect future changes, you will be able to modify them freely in your own calendar, deleting those that do not interest you, changing names, etc. The subscription does not allow this kind of freedom.
  2. Subscribe with Google Calendar: in your Google Calendar homepage, click on the down arrow besides "Other Calendars" on the lower left corner. Then select "Add by URL", and enter the URL below.

Subscription URLs:
  1. Assignments:
  2. CETL Study Group:
  3. Class, 12:30-1:15 Group:
  4. Class, 3:25-4:40 Group:
  5. Live Help Events:
  6. Office Hours:
  7. Sections:
  8. University of Rochester Academic Calendar: