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ECO 231W

Undergraduate Econometrics

How to upload Homework 2

To make sure that all are compliant with the rules, there will be a
0.5 point deduction if you fail to follow the rules. We may keep deducting 0.5 if you continue to fail to follow the rules. So, pay attention:


1. Remember that your homework is 2 single .do file. Let’s say your name is John Smith, then
name your file: Just that, first and last name as they appear in the transcript so we can record your grade properly.

Upload your (correctly named) file using the link I will send you by email. I will send the email using blackboard, so you will receive an email at your blackboard address. I will send this link tonight, so if by midnight you have not received an email about this on your blackboard email address, you must contact Alexis immediately.

3. After you upload your file,
send an email to Make sure that you send your email from an account that you check often, because we will communicate with you about your homework using this email. Here are the email rules:

a) In the
email subject, write:

Homework 2 submission

nothing else. This guarantees that your email will be recognized as a homework submission, tagged and organized with the other submissions.

b) In the
body of the email, write your name

John Smith

do not write anything else. This guarantees that when we search for your homework in the email by your name we will quickly find it and be able to verify that it is your homework, not someone else’s.

c) Then,
upload your homework to this email and send it.


i) If you found a mistake and want to submit your homework again, there is no need to contact us. Just repeat the steps above. If we have two files with the same name we will simply keep the last one and delete the rest. Note that if you submit for the last time after the deadline, you will be penalized, even if your first submission happened before the deadline. For all intents and purposes only your last file counts for anything. Note: you can only do this a reasonable number of times (reasonable is at most 3 times). If we have to deal with too many files from students I will revoke this permission of submitting again, so use this privilege wisely.

ii) For the purposes of the deadline, we will count both the file upload and the email. So, make sure that you both upload the file and send the email before 5 pm tomorrow. Tardiness rules and penalties of the homework 2 announcement apply.