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ECO 231W

Undergraduate Econometrics

Midterm 2 preparation

Midterm 2 preparation is published in the download page.

This document has all the questions that could be in the actual midterm, with 2 differences: (1) the Material Question will have an actual situation, with real variables like class attendance and smoking. The preparation has generic variables like y and x
1. (2) In the midterm you will only receive a subset of these questions, so that you have time to answer them.

If you want to know more about the intentions behind the midterm and how to prepare, read

The midterm will take place in the regular classroom in the regular class time. You should plan around 1 to 1:05 hour to write your answers.

I will give you one booklet with the questions, and two other booklets, one for the Material Question, and one for the Paper Question. These booklets have space for answering each of the items. Since the answer space of each question is set, you don’t need to write the answers in a row. You can write the bulk of the answers to all questions, and if you have extra time you may go back and complete them with extra flourishes.