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ECO 231W

Undergraduate Econometrics

Homework 1 is posted

You can find homework 1 in the download page, where you can also find the data set needed to answer one of the questions, as well as the Stata videos. The homework covers up to and including video 8.

Homework 1 is due on Friday 02/16 at 5:00 pm. You must upload the homework file in the
upload page. For details on how to upload your homework, read this. You will need a password, which I will give out during class on 02/12 (if you miss class that day, find out the password from your classmates or email Alexis on or after 02/12.)

Your homework is a .do file (
ONE .do file!). For details about what is, and how to produce a .do file for your homework, read this (but more importantly, watch the Stata videos or come to the recitations). Find the data sets in the download page, unless specified in the homework.


If your .do file doesn’t run, the TA will request that you fix it, and give you a deadline (usually until the next day). Each time he has to request a correction for the file to run, you lose 1 point (in the following homework you lose 2 points). If you fail to make the deadline of a correction request, your homework won’t be accepted anymore. You choose which email we will use to contact you when you upload the file. Make sure that it is one that you check often.


Every hour past the due time, your homework loses 2 points. Here is a breakdown:

Received before 5:00 until 5:59: no penalty
Received between 6:00 and 6:59: -2
Received between 7:00 and 7:59: -4

and so on until 10 pm, at which time we will not accept your homework any longer. Read the policy on late homeworks

NOTICE: the homework is due before or at 5:00 pm. We only start discounting points at 6:00 pm to allow for internet delays, browser reloading or any other unpleasant things that may happen. We will not accept any excuse related to technology. If you can’t rely on your connection, or your browser, then take measures to upload your homework earlier, or even better, the night before.

Think that there are way too many rules to follow in this course? Read